Ian Magilton


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Château de Malérargues
30140 Anduze, France
(33) 04 66 85 10 99


Høgskoleveien 2
7030 Trondheim
(47) 73 51 15 04


Masters Degree(painting) Chelsea School of Art ~ 1969, Began to work with Roy Hart .
Founder member Roy Hart Theatre London ~ 1969
and Roy Hart Theatre Centre à Malérargues, France ~ 1974 and currently president of the association.

Involved in the creation of almost all RHT productions, either as actor, director, or set/light designer.

Of over 25 productions, the most important are:

Direction of Roy Hart in Paul Pörtner’s ‘Ich Bin’ ~ 1972
Production and direction of Leoncavallo’s opera ‘Pagliacci’ ~ 1983
Played the role of Canio in the version of Pagliacci - O.B.I.E. winner at La Mama, New York ~1985
Played Captain Ahab in Melville’s ‘Moby Dick’- PRIX JEAN VILAR winner, Printemps des Commèdiens Festival, Montpellier ~1988
Played Le Protagonist in Tardieu’s ‘ABC de Notre Vie’ ~1989
Set and Light design for these three productions.

1988 - Began working with MAGNA VOX musikkteater in Trondheim, Norway.

Works as a freelance actor, director and designer in Scandinavia, France and USA.

Taught at the following institutions:
Rimfaxe Teater Roskilde Denmark; Unge Klara, Riksteatret, Stockholm; La Mama ETC, New York, CAIRoy Hart Malérargues, France, Teaterhuset Avant Garden, Norway; universities of Montpellier, Tel Aviv, New York, Connecticut, Yale, Duke, Tunis, Rabat and Trondheim.

Played Basilio in ‘Life is a Dream’ of Calderon de la Barca(2001) and Cotrone in ‘Mountain Giants’ of Pirandello(2002) both for Compagnie Faux Magnifico, Montpellier, and Jack in "And Mary Wept" for ArchipelagoTheatre, Durham, North Carolina (Best Supporting Actor 2003 ©honourable mention!)

Recently: - ’Ballade of the Broken Bones’ and
’Paper Voices’ direction, light and stage design for Magna Vox, 2006
’Sex& Music’ Direction/producer for CAIRoy Hart 2007
’The Last Generation’, for Centrale Prodizione, Firenze, 2008
’Til Panama! Til Panama!’ direction, light and stage design and actor for Magna Vox
and 'Wittgenstein and the Soprano' for Roy Hart Theatre norway 2009

A more detailed CV is available.