Ian Magilton
Curriculum Vitae:

Masters Degree (HDipAD) from Chelsea School of Art, and began working with Roy Hart ~1969
Founder member of Roy Hart Theatre, London 1971 and Roy Hart Théatre Centre à Malérargues, France ~1974
Involved in the creation of almost all RHT productions, either as actor, director, or set/light designer. Of over 25 productions, the most important are:
Direction of Roy Hart in Paul Pörtner's 'Ich Bin' ~1972
Production and direction of Leoncavallo's opera 'Pagliacci' ~1983.
Played the role of Canio in the version of Pagliacci that won the O.B.I.E. at La Mama, New York ~1985
Played Captain Ahab in Melville's 'Moby Dick' that won PRIX JEAN VILAR au Printemps des Commédiens, Montpellier ~1988
Played Le Protagonist in Tardieu's 'ABC de Notre Vie' ~1989

Set and Light design for these three productions.


1988 - Began working with MAGNAVOXproductions in Trondheim, Norway


'Don's Dream' - U.S.A. France and Norway ~1990/93
'Fata Morgana' by The Talking Band, New York April/ May ~1991
'The Lover' France and Norway since ~1993
'Hjælp!' since ~1994
'Graal' ~1995 and
'Fou! Fou! Fou!' ~1996 for Roy Hart Theatre
The 'Oslo Airport Opening' -Cirka Teater for Norwegian TV~1999
Calderon de la Barca's 'La Vie est un Songe' and Pirandello's 'Mountain Giants' for La Compagnie Faux Manifico,~2001
'And Mary Wept' for Archipelago Theater, USA~2002
'20th Anniversity Show'
for Cirka Teater ~2004
'Ballade of the Broken Bones'~2006
'Til Panama! til Panama!~2009
'Wittgenstein & the Soprano'~2009


'Mama' by Susan Osten, Sweden~1986
'Spoorloos' or: 'The Vanishing' by George Sluizer, Holland ~1988
'William Tell' - the last three episodes of the TV series, directed by Mai Zetterling! US/France~1989
'Nils Klipper Seg' by Pan Film for norwegian children's TV ~1996
'Når Mørket Forbye' by Kai Erik Jensen for Norske Film ~1999
'Millers Bod' by Pan Film for norwegian children's TV ~2000

'The Last Generation' for Centrale Prodizione, Firenze~2009


'Piken med Svovelstikkene' ~ 1989
'Don's Dream' ~ 1990
'Bilder fra en Dagbok, Anne Frank' ~1991
'Titania&Oberon' an opera from 'a Midsummernight's Dream' ~1997
'Lurv' trash musical for children ~1999
'8Songs for a Mad World ~ 2001
all for Magna Vox.
'Egalia' for Tynset Dramaten,
'Jabboks Vådstelle' for Teatro Miraculo, Sweden,
Jean Genet's 'The Maids' for Teater Dakini Trondheim
all ~1992
'Idyllisk Samliv med Kniv' for Studio Teater, Trondheim ~1993
'Songe d'une Nuit d'Eté' for Roy Hart Theatre Centre, France ~1994
Nyttårs Konsert Trondheims Simfoni Orkester ~1996
'En Brodert Fane for en Annen Verden'
for Panter Tanter ~2003
for MagnaVox&Panter Tanter og ‘Det har ikke regnet på tre måneder’ for Teater Dakini~2004
'Paper Voices'
for Magna Vox~2006
Til Panama! til Panama!'
for Magna Vox~2009
Wittgenstein & the Soprano'
for RoyHartTheatrenorway~2009


'Piken med Svovelstikkene' ~1989
'Don's Dream' by Charles Boer ~1990
'Gukku' for Hedmark Teater ~1992
'The Lover' by Harold Pinter ~1993
Design and construction of the open air theatre at Malérargues ~1993
'Hjælp!' ~1994
'Fiskerens Frue' Finalist Norsk Musikkteater competion ~1995
'Three by Beckett' for The Other Theatre, New York ~1996
'Nyttårskonsert' for Trondheims Simfoni Orkester 1996and7
'Lurv' and
'48 hours' for Teater Visuel ~1999
Exhibition 'Livsbilder fra Trøndelag' for Sverresborg Museum.~2000
'8Songs for a Mad World' for MagnaVox~2001
for MagnaVox&Panter Tanter~2004
‘Cirka Teater 20th Anniversity’~2004
'Paper Voices'
for Magna Vox~2006
'Til Panama! til Panama!' for Magna Vox~2009
'Wittgenstein & the Soprano'
for RoyHartTheatrenorway~2009


Personally nominated by Roy Hart to teach his approach to the human voice in 1974.
Workshops and seminars almost all over the world.
Taught at the following institutions:
Rimfaxe Teater Roskilde Denmark; Unge Klara, Riksteatret, Stockholm Sweden; La Mama New York; the universities of Montpellier, Tel Aviv, New York, Connecticut, Duke, Yale, Tunis, Rabat and Trondheim.